In promoting each of the measures indicated in the “Plan for the Preservation and Practical Use of Miyajima Marsh”, there is naturally a limit to the steps that the national, prefectural and city governments can take alone. It is essential that the government and individual citizens and citizens’ groups work together as a unified “region”.

This being the case, what can be done for the preservation of Miyajima Marsh? Considering this question, the “Miyajima Marsh Preservation Activity Think Tank”, an organization with the people of Bibai at its core, is being formed to achieve what it can, little by little.

Why don’t you take this plan as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of nature preservation? One step at a time, you can make Miyajima Marsh and the geese a productive part of our town and daily lives, and proudly promote “Bibai ? the town where people and nature live in harmony”, to the world.